What is it? Answers LIV

Saturday, March 05, 2005

284. Rock climber's camming device

285. This flying wing is called a Walkalong Glider, it can be kept aloft and maneuvered by the air that flows around your body as you walk forward. The easiest way to fly it is to use a piece of cardboard, positioned perpendicular to the ground and held a foot or more in front of the body. As you walk, the localized upcurrent from the cardboard keeps the glider flying and controls its direction. The plane is positioned with the two blue dots a few inches directly over the cardboard.

The next step is to use just your hands to create the updraft, and when you master this way of flying it, you can try the even more difficult technique of keeping the glider aloft by using the air flowing off just your head.

I first saw this glider on the Scientific American Frontiers pbs program, and sent away for one the next day. You can see a video of the glider flying at the site below, it's the fourth one from the top:

Glider video

286. Elevator door key, also called a "double joint broken knuckle key"

287. Wing nut wrench

288. Photographer's light meter

289. 45 rpm record changer